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Photoelectric Head Photoelectric Eye

This series photoelectric detecting sensor adopts the principle of photoemission and photo receiving. It shots out modulated ray to the measured object and receives the ray reflected from the measured object, then according to the intensity of the received ray to determine the color of the object or to distinguish whether or not is the object existed. As a sensor it is used in the control systems of the soft packaging machine, the printing machine, food stuff machine, textile and paper making machine together with other circuits and devices. It can also detect the color-mark printed on the color-background or other pattern color block as its mark and can check whether or not are the lines and objects existed. It have the functions of automatic orientation, deciding constant length, distinguishing color, correcting error, checking edition, counting number, etc.

1、High capability to reject the radial and the electromagnetic interferes.
2、Precisions die casting metal case, well heat elimination, electromagnetic shield and compactness.
3、Red and green status indicators, adjusting the sensitivity with either multiple or single loop potentiometer that was selected by user.
4、Adopting the advanced optics pasting technique, the limpidity ability is very strong. Can used to detect the gold foil, aluminum foil and other transparence thin foil well.
5、Having the safe guard in the power supply applied in reverse and the short circuit of the power lines.
6、Adopting the advanced SMT technique