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Plastic PEXTS Shoe Cover Machine with Round Elastic

Quick Details:

1. good quality

2. good price

3. high efficiency


 Manufacture of plastic shoes cover machine is the production of plastic shoes cover machine. PE-CPE materials and finished products from raw materials into the expected completion of both a line of automated equipment, clean and beautiful, family, office supplies good things, the provincial workers save time, required a person to feed.

 The shoe covers made by this machine provide more than splash protection. Get these More-Safe is polypropylene shoe covers that have a nonskid sole to keep customers extra safe.

·Durable polypropylene material provides excellent nonskid protection

·Resist non-hazardous liquid splash

·Helps keep shoes clean in damp and dirty environments

·Elasticized seam offers an adjustable fit

Machine Features:

1.      the size of shoes cover according to customer request

2.      automatic cycle control.

3.      Adjustable ultrasonic welding or a combination of electric welding

4.      Electric wheel automatic clutch (stop separation, the boot is closed)

5.      Fracture automated shutdown, automatic shutdown broken tendons

Production shoe covers Size: (L) 360-500mm (depth) 140-200mm

Production speed: the fastest 1000pcs/min, the best control 60-80pcs/min

Adapt material: PE (0.9-5g) high and low pressure plastic film, CPE (0.9-5g) membrane, non-woven fabrics (25-40g)

Main configuration:

1.      Motor

2.      Ultrasound

3.      Transformers

4.       Electric control box

Main Technical Parameter:



Production speed  (pc/min)


Voltage (V)


Power (kw)


Weight (kg)


Outline dimension (LxWxH) (mm)


The finished size (mm)

400x160 (according to the customer)